Making Waste History

TripleW upcycles food waste into

high-value biomaterials


The Triple Win Process


Utilizing TripleW's technology, any anaerobic digestion facility can be retrofitted and upgraded to produce biobased lactic acid, an additional major revenue source.

Lactic acid from food waste can be sold to various markets including: industrial, food & beverage, personal care and more.

lactic acid is also the building block for Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), a renewable & biobased polymer.

Lactic acid is polymerized to PLA in a well-known, 2-step process. Biobased PLA is used in circular and responsibly sourced products.
PLA is used in food and beverage packaging, car parts, toys, textiles, 3D printing, kitchenware and more.

TripleW opens the door to cost-effective production of bioproducts by utilizing food waste as feedstock and reducing PLA production cost. In addition, production with very low environmental footprint is highly sought-after by major plastic clients.

Discarded PLA-based bioproducts are an integral part of the Triple Win Process, by breaking these down to their chemical building blocks.
This closed-loop solution delvieres sustainable material sourcing for our clients.

PLA Upcycling

Circular Waste Managment

PLA Polymerrization
Food Waste

Committed to Sustainability

Everyone’s a winner with TripleW. Our circular process is a triple play for the environment: keeping food waste out of landfills, producing valuable biobased materials; and cutting carbon emissions.



Maarten Campman Appointed as President of Manufacturing

Company gears for industrial phase

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TripleW Wins 2.2M Euro Grant

TripleW wins Horizon 2020 Grant

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TripleW Wins in Rotterdam’s Waste Challenge

Rotterdam Organic Waste Challenge

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