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TripleW Produces CIRCULAC™, lactic acid made from food waste, utilized in everyday products.

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Since 2016, TripleW has committed to addressing the environmental and financial challenges of waste management, through the development of superior circular solutions. Bioplastics, being both renewable and highly in-demand, are the perfect vehicle for creating value from food waste and closing the loop.

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Our Products

TripleW's CIRCULAC™: highly pure lactic acid and lactate salts produced by fermentation of food waste, made entirely from renewable carbon.

Implementing CIRCULAC™ yields a major reduction of carbon emissions from the manufacture of products in home care, personal care, food and beverage, and industrial applications, as well as from the production of PLA bioplastics. TripleW’s lactic acid will significantly contribute to climate change mitigation by displacing fossil-based materials with a circular alternative.

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Upcycling Process Goes Commercial

July 13, 2022

TripleW announces the design of the commercial scale lactic acid facility

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TripleW's EU Consortium Featured

April 8, 2022

Belgium's business and economics newspaper De Tijd (The Times) featured Waste2Func

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Maarten Campman Appointed as President of Manufacturing

December 23, 2021

TripleW announced today the appointment of Dr. Maarten Campman as President of Manufacturing.

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Our Solutions for Food Waste Valorization

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