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Photo by Group op de Beeck

TripleW joins the RCI


As the newest member of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI), TripleW is pleased to join an international consortium of leading companies focused on a complete transition from fossil-fuel based carbon to renewable carbon by 2050. Sources of renewable carbon include biomass (including food waste), CO2 and recycling. 

The RCI, founded by nova-Institute, takes a multi-pronged approach to address the enormous challenges faced by the chemical and plastics industry in meeting the climate goals set by the European Union and the growing consumer demand for sustainable products. 

Our collective vision of a climate-neutral circular economy will be achieved by promoting cross-industry cooperation, advocating legislative and regulatory changes, as well as raising awareness and understanding of renewable carbon among business and consumer communities. 

Visit TripleW's RCI member page

TripleW is pleased to announce that it has joined the RCI in its efforts to eliminate dependence upon fossil-based carbon

Group Op de Beeck & TripleW Collaboration


Group Op de Beeck Materials & Treatment and TripleW Ltd. launch intensive collaboration on the conversion of organic waste into biobased plastics. 

As market leader in organic waste processing in Europe, Group Op de Beeck Materials & Treatment is an ideal, complementary partner for TripleW’s process scale-up. Over the next 18 months, TripleW will perform various large-scale trials on the processing site of Group Op de Beeck M&T’s processing site in the port of Antwerp, using commercial organic waste volumes as a proof of concept beyond the pilot scale setting. 

Group Op de Beeck is delighted to welcome TripleW on its site to collaborate on these trials and to provide the required organic waste products. As Group Op de Beeck’s green energy production is solely based on organic waste streams and since the company has been intensively focusing on the sustainable, circular valorization of these organic waste products, the production of biobased plastic is considered a very valuable addition to the current process.

Group Op de Beeck Materials & Treatment and TripleW Ltd. launch intensive collaboration

New Brand, New Website


TripleW Ltd., formerly known as 3PLW, is pleased to announce the company’s rebranding, including a new company name, logo and web site. TripleW stands for a Triple Win, for waste management, biomaterials production and a sustainable environment. Through its employees, shareholders and partners, TripleW is committed to Making Waste History.

TripleW gets new brand and website

TripleW is Moving to a New Facility


TripleW is finalizing construction on a larger and more advanced R&D center in the Poleg Industrial Area (Netanya, Israel) with state-of-the-art capabilities in fermentation, downstream processing, and chemical recycling of biopolymers. Transferring processed from lab to pilot to production will be streamlined, as the new facility is better suited to handle the multiple waste samples the company receives from waste management and food processing facilities with increased lab scale processing capacity. Construction will be completed June 1st 2020.

TripleW new headquarters under construction, read more in the media section.