Food waste is the main feedstock for TripleW’s bioprocess which starts with separating and grinding the organics into a pumpable slurry.

To close the loop of material upcycling TripleW technology can convert both food waste, and PLA-based packaging waste back into Circulac.

Circulac is used as an ingredient for multiple consumer-based products including personal care, homecare and more.

Circulac can used as the building block to produce the biopolymer PLA (poly lactic acid) a biobased alternative to fossil-fuel plastics.

A. The lactic acid is separated from the remaining waste with a combination of physical separations and a multi-step purification that yields Circulac.
B. The material that is separated from the lactic acid goes to renewable biogas production in a conventional anaerobic digester.
C. The final digested material can be used as fertilizer in agriculture. Nothing is wasted

The slurry is combined with TripleW’s microorganisms that ferment the mix and produce lactic acid in 24 hours.