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Circular Plastics

Discarded PLA bioproducts or scraps can be utilized as feedstock in the Triple Win Bioprocess.


TripleW’s ability to upcycle finished bioplastic products, together with food waste, back into our process is inspiring companies to rethink their end-of-life strategy for bioproducts.


Instead of the traditional end-of-life solutions for PLA such as composting, mechanical recycling, and waste to energy. TripleW converts PLA products back into their chemical building block, lactic acid.

Sustainable Packaging

Where do the products we use come from?

Where do they go when we’ve finished using them?

TripleW offers responsibly sourced products, designed to be effective and safe throughout their life cycle.


Our company was founded on the principle that renewable carbon should be the source of all future products.

We believe in durability and we embrace the use of upcycled products.

TripleW is committed to a vision of decarbonization in all of our products and processes.

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