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Highly Pure Lactic Acid

TripleW produces highly pure lactic acid by fermentation, made entirely from renewable carbon, offering a major reduction of carbon emissions. TripleW’s lactic acid can contribute significantly to mitigate climate change by displacing fossil-based materials with a circular alternative.


Lactic acid is the building block to produce PLA bioplastic, however it is also used in multiple applications such as food and beverages, homecare, personal care and in industrial products such as sanitation and descaling. TripleW will supply food waste derived lactic acid to all these industries and more.


Innovative PLA Production

Bioplastics are a rapidly growing segment within the plastics industry. Double figure growth is driven by the rising awareness to single use items and the effects of fossil-based polymers on climate change.

Bioplastics are often considered more costly than fossil-based plastics. But we are here to change that. Harnessing the innovative lactic acid production process, TripleW will make bioplastics an effective alternative with potential cost reductions.

TripleW PLA, polymerized utilizing off-the-shelf technologies, is a responsibly sourced polymer compared to fossil-based PS, PVC and PET.  PLA can be used to produce food and beverage packaging, toys, utensils, 3D filaments, textiles, car parts and many more applications.

The grades we produce are carefully verified by well-known compounders and converters and are offered using highest quality control and external lab tests.

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