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About Us

Since 2015, TripleW has committed to addressing the environmental and financial challenges of waste management, through the development of superior circular solutions. Bioplastics, renewable and highly in-demand, are the perfect vehicle for creating value from food waste and closing the loop.


Through intensive R&D, the company has developed a process that can be implemented anywhere in the world where food waste is discarded, diverting waste from landfills, generating green jobs and reducing the financial burden of ratepayers.

TripleW’s technology treats abundantly available food waste as a 3rd generation renewable feedstock for the production of pure "polymer grade" lactic acid, a building block of polylactic acid (PLA bioplastic). Additionally, TripleW enables chemical recycling of PLA back into our patented process, further reducing wastage.


We envision thousands of products we all use, such as yogurt cups, tea bags, chips bags, toy blocks, t-shirts, and many others, all made to last and reused, converting trash to treasure.

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Research & Development

With expertise in the fields of biochemical production and recovery, waste hydrolysis, and microorganism engineering, TripleW provides services to determine the techno-economic feasibility of producing bioplastics from your waste streams.


The company’s R&D activities are headquartered in Israel, the “Innovation Nation”, with partnerships and “closing the loop” projects around the world. We work with stakeholders from the fields of waste management, plastics and polymers, textiles, retail as well as brand owners.

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